About Sloan Reptiles' Facilty

Welcome to the facility of Sloan Reptiles! We are excited to say that we own our own facility! It is hard for us to believe that we started out in a 13X13 foot shed which was already built on our property. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design and build out a 48X36 foot building to our specifications, which is now our custom facility. We planned out everything from the concrete to the paint, with snakes and lizards in mind. We designed the Ball Python breeding room to be 12X48 feet with a separate hallway to the Bearded Dragon room and the walk in Ball Python incubator. The facility is equipped with a high tech heating system that includes a programmable thermostat and temperature alarm. It is always set at 83 degrees except when we lower the temperatures for breeding season. The building also has a full alarm system with motion detectors and door alarms.

The adult Ball Python room is the first room as you walk into our facility. We (Nick and Justin) built most of the snake racks in our facility so that the temperature and humidity are always steady and consistent. We went as far as to put two Helix's on some racks so that the bottom rows don't get too cold! The Ball Python room has a full working sink with hot and cold water. With full electrical, which includes multiple ceiling fans, phone and internet our facility is a huge upgrade from our old shed. We also bought an ultrasound machine so that we can estimate how many clutches to expect and to also see how the follicular development of the females is coming along. In the Ball Python room we put all of the outlets so that they are above the racks and we don't ever have to pull the racks out. We also don't have to deal with the cords getting tangled.

Off of the adult Ball Python room is a hallway that leads to the Baby Ball Python room and the walk in incubator.  
In the Baby room we also have a fully working sink and ceiling fans to keep the air circulating. We house our babies in Reptile Basics baby racks as well as PVC racks that hold ARS baby tubs, we build these our selves. We keep the baby room a couple degrees hotter then the adult room, we have noticed it helps the babies start feeding a lot faster.

At the end of the hallway next to the Baby Ball Python room is our incubator room. The incubator is a 5' by 8' room with wire shelving on the two exterior walls. The ceiling is lower in this room to ensure the stability of temperatures. We use a radiator that is controlled by a Ranco thermostat to heat the room; we keep the room between 89-90 degrees during breeding season. There is also a temperature alarm in the room that will call us if temperatures are off by a degree.

We frequently get asked how we breed our rodents so we thought we would write up how we do it. All of our rodents are bred in Freedom Breeder racks and are fed Harlan food. We keep the rats on Pine Shavings and the mice on Harlan Sani Chips. We clean once a week to insure our rodents are the highest quality possible for our snakes!

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