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The Axanthic is a simple recessive gene that is caused by the lack of yellow pigmentation. It was first proven Simple Recessive in 1997 by Vida Precosa International or VPI. There are three lines of axanthic available The Snake Keeper Line, VPI Line and Jolliff line. Some popular morphs the Axanthic is combined with is the Albino (Snow), Pastel, Ghost and Spider. We currently only have a male Axanthic that is a VPI line produced by Tim Bailey of Bailey and Bailey Reptiles. At the moment the only project with Axanthics we are working on is trying to prove out a captive hatched female that we have that is very simalar to an Axanthic. Hopefully we can prove her out this year. The Axanthic seems to have very promising genetics that we hope to mix into many genes in our collection.